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XXIX POMERANIAN MEETINGS with DIAPORAMA - 7-9 november 2008, Szczecin results, regulations(wersion english)

Pomeranian Meetings With Diaporama has been a yearly event since 1980. At present it is the only competition in this field of art in Poland. Its history goes back to 1972 when the first presentation of French diaporamas took place in Szczecin. Then, in 1974, a review of Polish diaporamas called DIAKRAJ II was held there. It was followed by the consecutive editions of the regional reviews called MINI-DIAKRAJ. They gave the basis to the present formula of the competition.

The digital diaporama is a projection of visual sequences together with a synchronized soundtrack, shown on a screen with the use of a computer and a multimedia projector, made according to an author's original idea or a scenario.
The diaporamas which enter the competition can have the form of an impression, a film study (an etude), a documentary, a song illustration, an essay, a story, an experiment etc.
There is freedom of choice as far as subject matter is concerned.

The participation in the competition is accessible to all the authors (both being members of artistic associations and not).
Each author can present maximum 2 of his works. An author can present two additional works, which he is a co-author of.